Can attorney Hollis represent me in my USCIS petition or application if I do not live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana?

Yes.  Mr. Hollis represents clients from all over the world in these cases.  Because nearly all U.S. immigration law is federal law, it is the same in every state.

Can I trust immigration-themed chat sites to provide accurate information about my case?

No.  U.S. immigration law is profoundly technical and complex.  It is not wise to   “self-diagnose” by relying on immigration-themed chat sites because: (1) the advice provided may simply be wrong; or (2) the cases described on the websites may be factually and legally distinct.

How can I tell if an immigration attorney is well-qualified to assist me?

Because U.S. immigration law is highly complex and constantly changing, a single immigration attorney cannot be an expert in every subspecialty.  When searching for an attorney, ask how experienced he or she is in handling your variety of case, and whether that experience is recent.  It is also preferable to find an immigration attorney who is a member of the highly-respected American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  Attorney Chuck Hollis has been a member of AILA continuously since 2005.

If I do not speak English well, should I bring an interpreter to meet with Mr. Hollis?

Yes.  Clear communication is absolutely vital to an effective attorney-client relationship.

What forms of payment does The Hollis Law Firm accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and most major credit cards.

Do I have to pay a fee for my initial consultation?

Yes.  There is a consultation fee for all time spent analyzing a case and providing legal advice.  The fee is $150.00 for 30 minutes and $300.00 for a full hour.

How are the fees for my case determined?

In cases where we are able to accurately guess how many hours of work will be required for your case, we charge a flat (fixed) fee.  Most clients like this arrangement, as it enables them to know exactly how much our services will cost from the very beginning. But in cases where we cannot easily determine how many hours of work will be required, we charge $300.00 per hour for our work.

ICE has arrested and detained my friend or loved one.  Can Mr. Hollis assist me?

Unfortunately, no.  Mr. Hollis does not handle cases involving people who have be arrested and detained by ICE.

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