Are you looking to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States? If so, the Ohio Immigration Lawyers at The Hollis Law Firm, LLC can assist you in filing the correct paperwork for pursuing lawful permanent residence (LPR) also known as obtaining a “green card.” This identification card gives those who are not American citizen’s permission to live in the states and to obtain work authorization. Once given the “green card status” the individual can then apply for USA Citizenship.

Do you need help in Ohio, filing the appropriate paperwork to receive green card benefits?

An Immigration Lawyer can help! Contact our Ohio Immigration Lawyer Department at The Hollis Law Firm, LLC for legal assistance in obtaining lawful permission status of a green card.

Some Green Card benefits which are included in having the card include:

  • Freedom to leave and return to the United States
  • Permanent United States resident status
  • Seek employment

There are many different ways to apply for green card benefits and it imperative to apply for the right one to ensure acceptance is fully considered. An Immigration Lawyer can help you decide which approach will be the most efficient for your particular situation. To obtain a “green card,” one can either receive sponsorship by a current Employer or a family member, by Investment, by the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, or by Asylum. To learn more about the different options available to you, contact one of our experienced Ohio Immigration Lawyers today!

Looking to receive refuge from another country in the United States? The United States provides asylum for any individual who is unwilling to return home due to fear or persecution. After a year with Asylum status, a non-citizen can then apply for green card benefits, ensuring them permanent residency. This is one of the many circumstances considered when applying for a “green card.” To find out more, Contact Our Immigration Lawyers today!

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