What does Naturalization mean? Naturalization refers to the established citizenship of a foreign citizen, once all the requirements (set by Congress) are completed. Naturalization requirements may vary based upon differing circumstances. Yet, all applicants must prove moral character, attachment, and approving disposition. If you are looking to obtain naturalization in the United States and are located in Ohio or the Kentucky area, then the Immigration Law Department of The Hollis Law Firm, LLC, can assist you with the Immigration application process. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable Immigration Lawyer Kentucky today! The director of the Immigration Law Department, Chuck Hollis will guide your process to naturalization.

Are you not an American citizen, but would like to apply for naturalization status? Our Kentucky immigration lawyer can help you with the application process. Contact our Immigration Lawyer Kentucky today!

General requirements for obtaining naturalization include:

  • Ability to read, write, and speak English
  • Period of residency in the United States
  • Residence in a USCIS District
  • Knowledge of United States government and history
  • Approving disposition of the

Are you looking to apply for Naturalization in the United States? A Kentucky Immigration lawyer can inform you of your options and eligibility while assisting you in filing the correct paperwork for the application process. To find out what requirements are needed for your application, contact our Immigration Lawyer Kentucky serving the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area today. We have experience in Immigration cases, please view some our legal services! We are ready to assist you in your endeavors to become a U.S. citizen.

The nation of origin from which the applicant wishes to leave is considered during the approval process. In order for the applicant to receive naturalization, the United States government must work with the nation of origin to determine the process needed. Due to certain laws held within the United States and the applicant’s nation of origin, requirements may vary. This is why it is of the utmost importance to seek the guidance of Chuck Hollis at BYH Law Firm, who is aware of the different factors in which the government must assess during the approval process. If located in Ohio, Kentucky or the surrounding areas of Cincinnati; please contact our Kentucky Immigration Lawyers for more information on how you can obtain naturalization.

Are you not an American citizen, but would like to be? There is a legal process that can be explained to you by our Immigration Lawyer Kentucky! Contact The Hollis Law Firm, LLC or Call 513.721-5672 or email Mr. Hollis at

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