Client Comments

Here's what some of Mr. Hollis' past clients have to say about their experiences in working with him:

During all the time Mr. Hollis worked with me he was patient and kind. He always told me the good and bad possibilities so I would be prepared. It was not easy but he had a positive attitude the whole time and helped me a lot.-- A. Aituvarova

We were confident that we had chosen one of the best attorneys and it is our pleasure to be his clients.-- G. Al-Obaidi

We will never forget Mr. Hollis. We thank God for him.-- S. Wardlow

I do not have enough thanks for everything Mr. Hollis has done for me.-- N. Voronina

We will always remember Mr. Hollis' sincerity, patience, friendliness and timely advice.-- J. Lu

I would use Mr. Hollis again. He is honest and I trust him.-- S. Burden

It's because of Mr. Hollis' boldness, going the extra mile to help us, that we arrived at this point of life here in the USA.-- H. Therapiawan

Mr. Hollis is very bright, and talking to him is a breath of fresh air.-- M. Ardalan

Mr. Hollis never got tired of answering the endless questions I had.-- K. Muth

We deeply appreciate all the time and attention that Mr. Hollis gave to us— refugees from the former Soviet Union. He is a wonderful lawyer and human being.-- S. Goropach, M. Bernadsky, M. Plotkin, Galina Plotkin, Mitry Tsibulsky, I. Leyman

Chuck Hollis

Ohio Immigration Lawyer
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