Asylum Process

You may be eligible for asylum? Do you have fear of returning to your home country? The United States law clarifies that if an individual has well found fear of death / prosecution based on their religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or the social group that they may be associated with, then they may take shelter here in America. You must file the asylum application before the one year mark to become eligible for protection.

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Asylum status may be held forever, but as an alien you must annually file for your work authorization. Also there are eligibility benefits for family members still living in your home country to have priority to asylum protection if named in the application.

Read below for some helpful information on the process of asylum protection. For a better understanding of this process to stay in the United States please contact Chuck Hollis, the Director of the Immigration Department at Law Firm of The Hollis Law Firm, LLC.

Step 1 – The information gathering period. This is where all the document paperwork that supports the fear basis is established.

Step 2 – Correctly and completely filing the asylum application. Once filed the confirmation notice will be sent within 30 to 60 days.

Step 3 – Immigration services interview will be scheduled according to case load of the immigration department not to exceed 900 days from confirmation notice date.

Step 4 – Interview preparation for the client. This will best advise you and make the client comfortable with the immigration service interview.

Contact our Ohio Immigration Lawyers today! Did you know if your petition has not been approved or denied, then you may file a work authorization after the 150 day grace period? If a negative decision or denial has been placed on the application then you need our exclusive help with the appeals and court process to obtain your asylum status. Our law firm understands the immigration process with the most difficult cases to obtain residency. Get our legal help today and the advisement of Chuck Hollis, Ohio Immigration Lawyer.

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